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Look Hear is in the business of helping you succeed, whether it is in the classroom, in the workplace or in the sports arena.  A high percentage of vision and hearing challenges go undetected.  Don't let it happen to your child OR to you!




We provide on-site vision and hearing screening services.   We come to you to evaluate and help detect potential difficulties before they become more severe.  We service clients across Southwestern Ontario from all sectors - schools & educational institutions, daycares,  workplaces and sports facilities. 



With our proven format for screening and reputation for excellence, Look Hear will help you identify challenge areas and also point you in the right direction for any help that may be required. 



For more details on our services, please view the Services page.



Don't take your vision and hearing for granted.  Contact us today to find out how you can take control of you and your family's precious health.

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